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My name is Lu, and I speak for the sea.



My name is Lu.

I’m the founder of Blue.

I speak for the seas

and the animals too.

The thing about Blue

is it’s not about you,

and it’s certainly not about me.

It’s about THE SEA.

I grew up by the sea.

It has been quite good to me.

So I try to treat the sea

as the sea has treated me.

My outlook is new.

(I am learning this, too.)

And there’s one thing for sure:

There’s so much we can do.

I hope you will take

this Blue journey with me.


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What I Do

Education | Media Strategy | Consultation | Writing

My mission: empower the average person to take part in saving the ocean, the planet, and wildlife.


Friends of Blue

Loving Farm

Loving Farm Animal Sanctuary

Media Management and Strategy


American Sailing Association

Ocean Conservation Education

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Brighten Solar Co.

Solar Energy Outreach and Education


Want to work with me, for the sea?

I help organizations with similar values come up with ways to educate their followers and expand their reach to new audiences.

SPECIAL SKILLS INCLUDE: telling stories, interviewing interesting people, public speaking, and penguin impressions.


Blue Yourself is a passion project fueled by spare time and watery coffee.

Will you help me dive in?