Blue Yourself.

BY STOCK-surfer aerial.jpg

All things blue are good to you.

The surf, the salt, the sunsets too.

So I just have one simple Q:

Do you treat the sea as the sea treats you?


A: It doesn’t have to be this way.

We can do better, starting today.


A better sea starts with you and me.


Why go Blue?

Because the sea needs us to.


Something’s not right.

It doesn’t take much investigating to see that our oceans need us. Our planet needs us. Wildlife need us. And to save ourselves, we need them too.

The rules have changed.

We live in a different world than generations before us. We have been left with scraps of a once bountiful and endless ocean. The mistakes of the past have become threats to our future.

We can no longer go about life the way we have before. We can do better. It’s time to adapt- to save the sea.